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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. tonight, the man hunt for the killer who gunned down a teenager on his way to school as the victim's family speaks out. eleven years. the nation remembers the victims of the 9/11 terror
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attacks. and a controversy on campus. american university responds after a professor breast-fed her baby during class. thanks for joining us tonight at 10:00. i'm shawn yancy. >> and i'm brian bolter. we're going to begin with a teenager murder. marckel ross was on his way to school when someone shot him this morning. >> and tonight, his killer is still out there on the streets. karen is live with the story. >> reporter: i got off the phone with police, a spokesman says there is no arrest at this time. the case that is marckel ross. detectives are busy trying to locate witnesses who may have seen something. ross was shot this morning on a busy pedestrian walkway. some businesses on old central avenue open as early as 6:00. >> this was the normal path marckel ross took to class. police investigators searched for clues. >> marckel was a very
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energetic, sweet, outgoing child. i don't know what happened. i would like to know what happened. >> his grieving brother fought back tears. >> it was just before 7:00 a.m. when police started getting 911 calls of a man down in the 6100 block of old central avenue. >> when police arrived, they found a victim dead. >> walking to school. his mother thought the walk wasn't safe. the family had moved here from anne arundel county several years ago. he says their son had trouble with other students. >> i think when he first got there, it was more like bullying, because he wasn't from up here. >> mom said she complained to school officials last year, but when she asked marckel if the bullies were bothering him this year, he thought they dropped out. the principal said young marckel was a strong student with a bright spirit. >> as many of our central high school students, he is one who has boundless potential.
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>> a member of the school's popular modeling program. for aspiring models and fashion designers. police cadets did a grid search for evidence at the scene at central high a mile away, students were trying to understand. >> it was crazy. everybody was crying. nobody expects it then. wow, that's scary. i don't either. we're going to get through it. >> grief counselors were on hand for those who needed them. >> there is a $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the killer in this case and in the murder of another teenager police are also looking for a motive and suspect in last month's fatal shooting of honor student, amber stanley. shawn, up to you. >> thank you. a live look at new york city right now. it's been 11 years sinister
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rhyses carried out the worst attack. today the country honored the memory of those who lost their lives on 9/11. from new york to the pentagon to shanksville, pennsylvania. fox's rick leventhal has a look at today's memorial. >> for the 11th time since the worst terror attacks on american soil, somber ceremonies honored the lives lost and heroic sacrifices made. >> although he threw himself from the building, i know that god was waiting for him below and caught him in his arms. >> at the national 9/11 memorial in new york, family members read the names of the nearly 3,000 victims. >> and our son, glenn davis kerwin. >> a bell tolled six times marking the moments hijacked planes crashed into both world trade towers, the pentagon, and a field in pennsylvania and when the twin towers fell. >> no matter how many anniversaries you experience for at least an instant, the
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terror that moment returns. >> while the vice president marked the occasion in shanksville, the president took part in solemn ceremonies at the white house. arlington cemetery and the pentagon. >> this is never an easy day, but it is especially difficult for all of you. the families of nearly 3,000 innocence who lost their lives. >> this year for the first time, elected officials did not speak during the ceremony at the ground zero memorial. instead, the event the footprints of the twin towers was dedicated solely to victim's families and first responders. >> the bond that god created in moms womb can never be destroyed. >> a void will never be filled or healed. >> i hope we never lose focus on what happened here and more importantly, may we never forget nor forgive those responsible. >> ceremonies are over, but the remembrances continue tonight with a tribute in life.
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two massive beams pointed into the sky from lower manhattan from sun down until dawn in memory of the towers that once stood here and the thousands of lives lost for ever. in new york, rick leventhal, fox news. >> after the pentagon ceremony, the president and first lady stopped at arlington national cemetery paying their respects. president obama met privately with wounded soldiers at walter reid national military medical center. the pentagon memorial served as a place for comfort and peace today. hundreds of people visited the site to reflect and to remember. fox 5's tom fitzgerald has the story. >> on a stretch of land just next to the pentagon sit 183 benches, clearing 183 names for each of the victims that died here on 9/11. >> i don't know. it's just a wonderful place to sit and reflect. >> marlene and don of iowa had
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a brother-in-law who worked in the pentagon. he wasn't here on 9/11, but they know others weren't so lucky. >> we see the importance of it that we do honor all the people that died in the crash. >> these benches are layed out in the order of the victims ages. julian was in high school on 9/11 and spent much of the last ten years in the u.s. army. >> it was a catalyst to the things that inevitably happened after i joined the military. so i deployed to iraq and support of operation iraqy freedom. so yes, i think i probably be a different person and probably not be standing talking to you today. >> memorials tend to be places that are timeless, but it's been four years now since the pentagon memorial is dedicated and you can trace the passages of those years, especially many trees that were planted here.
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>> for me, the hearts and souls of the people who were killed are really in that building and with the flag and all of that. this is a place for us to be able to contemplate what happened and still try to come to grips with it. >> those big questions, though, still lie ahead for some. six-year-old jonathan is still too young to fully understand this place and its meaning. >> i saw benches with people's names on them. >> did you like this place? >> yes. >> and like the people here on this 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attack, pentagon memorial stands ready to tell its story for generations to come. >> tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. >> our coverage of the anniversary of 9/11 continues on we posted links from all over as the nation remembers the victims of 9/11. you'll find them on our home page.
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another big story tonight, the sentencing of five men responsible for one of d.c.'s deadliest shooting sprees. three of the men will spend the rest of their lives in prison, no possibility of parole. two other received lesser sentences. paul wagner has more. >> there's no reason to be concerned the jury got it wrong in this case. there is overwelming evidence of five men convicted were involved in the slaughter of innocent people. an evil act, four crimes over eight days in march of 2010, all over a stolen bracelet. a bracelet one mother described today as a trinket you would buy in a bubble gum machine. nine people wounded. today, judge beck sentenced orlando carter, jeffrey best, robert boast, to life without parole. sanquan carter who owned that bracelet got 54 years and lamar williams who supplied the guns was sentenced to 30 years.
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14 people stood before the court today and spoke from the heart. some of them in tears telling the judge what it's been like dealing with the aftermath of the shooting. there were fathers, grandmothers, sisters, mothers, and close friends who tried to explain the hurt, the grief, the overwelming sense of guilt they all felt. some spoke directly to the five men, calling them cowards and punks. one man told the five he hoped they died a thousand deaths. as the judge listened, one prosecutor sat nearby. hugging some who were overcome with emotion. others who just needed a caress on the shoulders or a pat on the back. the five men had hit l to say when their time came. the carter brothers just thanked their family. they did not apologize. two others, bost and best declined to comment, and lamar williams told the court he was innocent and despite what people thought, he did value
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life. outside the courthouse, friends, family, and victims reacted to the sentences. >> three of them got what they deserve. i don't really have a good thing to say on lamar. he only got 30 years for his part in it. i really don't have a feeling. my son is not here anymore. i'm still trying to handle my other son through this tragedy. this is a lifelong process. >> we are very gratified for the sentences that the judge has come down with today. obviously a very thoughtful judge. this was not an easy case for anybody. all of the emotion involved in the case and she waited very carefully, gave thoughtful sentences and i believe that all of the families are satisfied. >> it was just good to see justice prevail. i'm going to leave it in god's hands and he's going to take care of them. >> sanquan carter, the one with the bracelet, the one who
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got 54 years, he was 19 years old when the crimes happened in 2010. he will not be eligible for parole until he is 71 years old. nathaniel sims who was another one of the shooters. the one who held the ak47, he cooperated with the government anwill be sentenced at another time. in the fox 5 newsroom, i'm paul wagner. coming up next, the west nile virus turns deadly in our region. also ahead, an american university professor breast- feeding during class. why she says she did it and the response up next. a maryland man has been locked up in a cuban prison for three years. his wife tells us why he is devastated about his health condition at 11:00. 
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virginia's health department confirmed one death as a result of west nile virus in the commonwealth. the person was a senior citizen, lived in the northwest part of the state.
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nine virginiaens have been affected. 21 reported cases in maryland. one deadly. the district reported one case, which killed its victims. crews are spraying throughout the region to get rid of as many mosquitoes as possible. this is the worst year since it was first discovered 13 years ago. >> a controversy is brewing at american university after a professor breast-fed her baby during class. professor teaches anthropology. it was the first day of the semester. her baby was sick, so she brought her baby with her to class. she wrote, so here's the story internet, i fed my sick baby without disrupting the lecture. not to have to cancel the first day of class. i doubt anyone saw my nipple because i'm good at covering it. i spoke with academic affairs about the situation. >> we don't have an exclusive policy on breast-feeding. >> did professor pine do
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something wrong? >> there were a series of choices that were made and one has to look back and look at those choices. for example, you know, the question of bringing a child to class and in this case, specifically a sick child. >> never quite answered the question. she went on to say the incident sparked a discussion and the university will examine its poll sis. as for whether she will be disciplined, perez told me it was a personnel matter and she could not discuss it. more than $100,000. that's how much council member, michael brown's campaign is missing. brown called the media together to point his finger at a campaign worker who he believes took the money from out of his nose. matt acklin joins us with more. >> council member, michael brown, discovered the missing money. he called the bliss right away and notified the media. at the time we didn't know how much had been taken. now we know it's more than
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$100,000. brown says it was taken by a man he trusted. for now, $112,000 in campaign contributions are down the drain. there's less than two months until election day. >> our campaign was also committed to recovering every single dollar that was taken from us. >> council member brown spoke to the media in front of the wilson building. with only limited details, he tried to explain who he believes took the money over a period of a few months. >> i want my supporters to understand that the person who embezzled from the campaign was someone who had been working with me for more than half a decade. someone that i had extreme confidence in. >> how could over $100,000 go missing? brown says he was carefully inspecting campaign finance reports. but should have also checked bank deposits as well. >> all reports were coming in and clearly the reports we thought were accurate, no reason for us to believe they weren't.
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so no, i'm glad that frankly, all the drum beat of ethics, please someone show me a list where an elected official blown a whistle. >> could this hurt brown's chances of being reelected? political analyst says -- >> well, of course it will hurt, but i don't think it will hurt enough to defeat him. just because of the candidates that are running against him aren't as well known. >> d.c. police confirm an investigation is underway, but no charges have been filed and no arrests have been made. when the story first broke, chief lanier said this. >> i can't comment on evidence. >> have you talked to the council member about this? >> no, i haven't. >> he will work hard to raise more campaign dollars before the election and to avoid future fraud, brown says he has made himself treasurer. >> clearly i was wrong to have trusted that person and i'm deeply regretful. >> just yesterday, the board of elections said brown would remain on the ballot after issues were raised about signatures on his petitions. brown says despite the lack of
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campaign dollars, he is confident he'll win in november, brian. >> matt acklin tonight. the hunt is on for a man who used a taser on a teenage girl as he robbed her. happened yesterday around 3:00 in the afternoon near the intersection of prichard road. she felt the man took her cell phone. wasn't seriously hurt. >> a baltimore county teenager shot on the first day of school is home from the hospital. daniel was shot in the back and police say fellow students fired at random in the cafeteria. he is charged as an adult. new details tonight in last month's deadly shooting at the temple in wisconsin. police released dash cam video of the shooting rampage, showing the courageous action of the officer who helped stop that gunman. here's more. >> oak creek police officers
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rush to the sick temple august 5, where a gunman just shot and killed six people. from another squad camera, you can see what happens moments before he got there. the gunman just fired 15 shots into brian murphy, who lay wounded on the ground. page was closing in on murphy. then, linda distracted him. page fired at linda's squad. the squad windshield exploded. the bullet hit the driver side headrest. fortunately, linda had just gotten out of the squad. >> i stepped right outside the door, opened my squad door, stepped outside and the door comes up and the frame of the car and the frame of the door. >> that's when he fired six shots at page. he says it was the second or third shot that hit page in the abdomen and took him to the
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ground. it was then page's own shot to his head that killed him. >> from my perspective, compelling evidence showing that lieutenant murphy and officer linda were justified and privileged in their use of force when they confronted mr. page at the temple. beyond that and further, the courageous and timely actions were necessary to prevent further tragedy. >> new information shows 15 rounds were fired. he is now at home recovering. tomorrow we get our first look at the iphone 5. the impact its release could have on the economy. plus, millions of websites to shut down yesterday. an internet company offers up its explanation next. 
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we are hours away from getting our first look at that iphone 5. apple invited reporters to a press conference
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tomorrow to speculate apple will unveil the new iphone. hardware and software upgrades. some analysts believe it could help jump start the economy. morgan chase economist says sales could increase the production by $2 billion and $13 billion over the next year. >> facebook founder is trying to put the company's best face forward with its stock performance. spoke at a tech conference today. his first public comment since facebook had his ipo and facebook lost half its value. the stocks dropped has been disappointing, but facebook survived troubles before and he is confident the company will bounce back. godaddy is denying rumors it was hacked. the recent service outage was caused by an internal problems. twitter claiming to be the hacker, but go daddy says it was due to a glitch that corrupted its routers.
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it is an internet domain that hosts more than 5 million websites. we are eight weeks away from the presidential election. the new numbers that show how close the race is. sue. >> i hate to think about eight weeks ahead. i want to stay in the present. the weather has been fantastic this week. we are already down into the 50s, some spots headed for the 40s tonight. i'll let you know how much longer we let this great run of weather going. your full forecast later. >> thank you, sue. if you see a story you think we should look into, call or send us a news tip to
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. teachers in chicago walking out of the classroom for a second day of the strike idolling more than 350,000 students. there appears to be progress on reaching a deal. steve brown in chicago with the latest.
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>> teachers in chicago walking the pickup line for a second straight day today. rahm emanuel, visiting one of 144 schools where students can go for a half day during the strike. >> i do believe that it was totally avowedable, totally unnecessary. it was a strike of choice and wrong choice for our children. i just saw the children. i think the principal is here and opening the school. >> being part of the 144. >> one of the biggest issue were layed off teachers. principals should be able to choose their own teachers. >> does the principal that we are holding accountable for producing the education results, do they select the teacher in their local school, in their neighborhood school and building? or does downtown select it? and i don't think downtown should be in the business of selecting a teacher. >> the chicago teacher's union wants layed off teachers back to work and back in school.
10:32 pm
>> one of the problems, they keep saying, the union can't tell people who to hire. we aren't telling people who to hire. they hired our people. this is where we have a real big sticking point and it is the basis for the agreement we had this summer. >> another point of disagreement, teacher evaluation. more than 25,000 teachers in chicago walked off the job monday. this is their first strike in 25 years. pat quinn declined to weigh in on the strike. a chicagoen, quinn says he respects the teacher's job and wishes them luck. the presidential candidate suspended political ads on this 9/11 anniversary. mitt romney addressed national guards members at a campaign stop in nevada sharing his thoughts on 9/11. >> we remember those who died. we marvel at the courage of those who stormed the cockpit when they became aware of the purpose of the hijackers.
10:33 pm
we hold up in prayer the family and friends that lived in a shadow cast by grief. >> despite the lack of tax, differences were still on display. romney criticized the president for defense cuts scheduled to take place next year. with eight weeks to go, the race for the white house is neck and neck. a new washington post of likely voters has president obama and mitt romney with 48%. in a wider poll of registered voters, the president is six points ahead of mitt romney. break down the race for the white house. thanks for joining us tonight. >> good to be here, shawn. >> let's start with that issue that neither party thought was coming. what sort of political implications could this have on the race for president? >> you have a very well known figure. rahm emanuel, who formally was the chief of staff to president obama, the deputy chair of the campaign and over the weekend, said he was leaving that
10:34 pm
position because he wanted to raise money for an independent superpack that was being very much outraced and out spent in terms of the republicans and now that is being put on hold. he suspended his efforts and obviously he is a proficient fundraiser and so some of the money that would be raised for the super pack won't be raised because rahm emanuel has suspended the activity. accusing the mayor of the president being too tight with private sector units and particularly, the teacher's union. >> will that hurt president obama? we know the union largely support democrats. >> it's very much so. 4.5million teacher's unions. the president is caught in the middle and he hasn't made any statement, proteacher or prounion. he is staying out of it and in a way, if the strike goes on,
10:35 pm
shawn, he'll have to make some sort of statement. it would seem to me, and thus mitt romney will probably further his charges that the president and the democratic party are too closely aligned with public sector unions. >> there was no movement on that debate. ohio and obama. >> in ohio, the polls showing ahead. the republican governor, no republican will hear this and i'm going to probably perpetuate it. no republican won the white house without winning ohio. all you have to do since 1964, if democrats win ohio, then they win the presidency. if they don't win, they ask mike gore, ask walter mondale. bill clinton did win twice and
10:36 pm
president obama. ohio is a bell weather. it is 18 electorial votes. the other state is 270 is florida with 29 votes. 29 electoral votes. that's too tight to call. both candidates will be there. the republicans had their convention. i think you remember me saying this. in tampa, because that i-94 corridor from daytona to st. petersburg and tampa is where the election will be won in florida. >> you know we will be watching. fox 5 political analyst is always great to see you, thanks for coming in tonight. >> an alarming health alert. find out why a deadly disease is on the rise next, and later, the new move, griffinning. pictures next. if you don't fix the debt in america, we're going to downgrade america. lower the nation's credit
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rating. if lawmakers don't strike a budget deal to reduce the federal debt now bulging after $16 trillion plus. despite the growing red ink, small business owners are planning to see more green after the election. a new survey says that they are optimistic that business will indeed pick up after we pick our next president. whoever he is. and businesses already picking up at mcdonald's. the world's biggest burger chain in august after flat month before. and owning a piece of the greatest. mohommed ali getting snatched up by a las vegas real estate investor. the price tag, 70,000 snackers. that's 30% more than the asking price for his louisville, kentucky home. new owner looking to restore the home to its original exact state when the champ learned to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.
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that's business, i'm neil kavuto.  [ male announcer ] for the dreamers... and those well grounded. for what's around this corner... and the next. there's cash flow options from pnc. solutions to help businesses like yours accelerate receivables, manage payments, and help ensure access to credit. because we know how important cash flow is to reaching your goals. pnc bank. for the achiever in you.
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professional wrestling commentator is hospitalized after collapsing last night. the announcer's table at a world wrestling entertainment event when he suffered a heart attack. this is video from right after he collapsed. the wwe issued a statement saying he hopes he makes a full recovery and returns to his job soon. jerry is 62 years old. >> we have a health alert tonight. pancreatic cancer will move from the 4th to second leading cause of cancer by 2020 and possibly a few years sooner. the pancreas is responsible for making hormones
10:42 pm
responsible for digestion. we talked to the president of pancreatic cancer action network earlier today about why these numbers are now rising. >> for other cancers, we have found early detection methods ask better treatment options. unfortunately for pancreatic cancer, there is no method. not only is the incident increasing like it is for other cancers, but the death rate is also increasing. >> the report also says there's pancreatic cancer research bills currently being debated in congress. it would create long-term comprehensive strategies and treatment options to include survival rates for pancreatic cancer patients. >> the september 11 attacks are impossible to forget, unless you were too young to remember. local teachers explaning that dark day in history. and after almost three years in a prison, a man is worried he won't make it out alive.
10:43 pm
his wife tells us why she is o horrified about his condition at 11:00. anncr: this casino's in n west virginia.
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but it makes millions off marylanders every year. now they're running dishonest ads. why? because voting for question seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland. creating thousands of jobs and... ...according to the official department of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for our schools. while saving taxpayer money by cutting casino subsidies. question seven. good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia.
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more on today's remembrance of the 9/11 attacks. even though there hasn't been another attack in eleven years. al-qaeda remains a national security threat. elected leaders are vowing to do whatever is necessary to prevent another attack. jennifer davis reports. >> reporter: congress pauses on this 9/11 anniversary to look back and honor the thousands killed by terrorists eleven years ago. in a house subcommittee meeting, lawmakers are looking ahead, holding a hearing to assess the u.s.'s ability to prevent terrorists from coming to america. >> curtailing the ability of terrorists to travel to the u.s. can be one of the most effective counterterrorism tools because denying terrorists of freedom to travel, essentially eliminates their ability to carry out
10:47 pm
attacks on our homeland. >> after a decade, the u.s. has made progress in the fight against terrorism, but is aware that threats remain. >> we dealt them a heavy blow. and we will continue to fight them. in yemen and north africa, wherever they go. to make sure they have no place to hide. >> leon panetta says al-qaeda has been decimated. osama bin laden was killed in a raid and on monday, the terror group said their second in command was killed in june. >> that group wants that mass casualty attack in the united states. they are probably not capable of that. but it doesn't mean they aren't capable of lower threshold, lower casualty attacks that are frankly more difficult for us to prevent. >> as for continuing health threats, the government announced this week that some 50 types of cancer will be added to the list of illnesses covered by the fun that was set up to help 9/11 attack
10:48 pm
survivors and first responders. in washington, jennifer davis, fox news. >> i'll tell you what, i know today was 9/11, but just a beautiful, beautiful day. eerily similar to eleven years ago. >> i can't believe it has been eleven years. a good day of remembrance and a beautiful pattern that was continuing. going to be a couple changes as we go along in our seven-day forecast. as we get closer to the end of the week, we warm up, but no return to the 90s, that's for sure. tonight we're going to have another crisp one with temperatures thanks to this dry air falling well down into the 50s again and probably some refreshing 40s. so don't keep those windows open too wide because the mornings will be chilly. here's the weather headline. we'll have a gradual warming trend. today's high temperature, 78 degrees. that's where dulles was and bwi
10:49 pm
at 79 will probably be a degree or two warmer than that. the humidity stays nice and low. check out the temperatures right now, 67 in the district. down to 54 in frederick. 55 for you in manassas, quantico 62 and baltimore down to 62 degrees. we are headed for another cool one. in the widespread 40s out to our west. still on the chilly side. d.c. dropping to 58. hagerstown you'll head down to 48 degrees or so. looks like cumberland 47. culpeper 49. and martinsburg right there as well. definitely noticeable and here are the next two days. tomorrow will probably come out of the 70s to about 81 degrees, which is exactly average for september 11. on thursday, about 84 degrees. you can see we warm up a little bit. but nothing too out of control. you'll find it really pleasant. here is what is going on in the upper levels of the atmosphere. the jet stream showing us high pressure on top of us now. will be for the most part tomorrow, too. a jet stream taking that ridge
10:50 pm
up and over that area of high pressure. the high is going to move over to the east and when that happens, we'll have a little dip in the jet stream later in the week. that will allow a cool front to be here and there could be some late friday or some saturday showers trying to move into the picture. yesterday we thought that would be more on sunday. it looks like the high will move out faster, so a couple showers around, certainly no washout and now sunday looks like it might be dryer. of course the pattern in the atmosphere with very clear skies here is the high pressure dominating most of the east coast. so you can see how strong the ridge is. you have to head all the way out to the rockies to find some showers. eventually that ridge will continue to move and get a couple showers around here in the weekend. 58 degrees tonight. we'll see 40s in the suburbs. so a little bit on the chilly side. tomorrow 81 degrees. a little warmer than today was thanks to that south breeze. all right, here is your fox
10:51 pm
5accu weather seven-day forecast. and i tell you what, just feast your eyes on this great run of weather. yes, a couple of showers on saturday. a break for partly sunny skies on sunday and might have to deal with a couple more showers. moisture coming up from the south on monday and tuesday. we don't want to roll without rain. we don't need the fire danger, but the next few days are going to be that way. >> please stop calling me dave ross. >> okay ryan. >> thank you, sue. and dave. a 12-year-old texas boy was deemed too big to play on his football team. now elijah is getting his chance to show what he can do on the field. the president of the league said earnhardt was to big to play on the team. his mom worried about him having to join the middle school team because he never played the game before. turns out it was a blessing in disguise. >> explain the opportunity that elijah is getting right now. he'll be able to be noticed and seen and now it's all in his hands.
10:52 pm
he has to do the work. >> i have to meet the cowboys and indians. we took pictures with them and i got to practice with the chargers. >> wow. elijah's story caught the attention of athletes in san diego. he was flown to california to work on his skills and his techniques. speaking of if he can anemics, after just one game, he brought hope. >> started a new craze among redskin fans. dave ross is here now. >> you remember last year, right? tebowing was all the rave. now we've got something new. it's called griffinning, you know what it is? have you seen this yet? take a look at how this thing started right here. this is what it was. second possession of the robert griffin, iii. and 88, he's gone. 88 yards to the house, but that's not the story of how griffinning began because when he threw that pass, he got knocked on his backside and that was his natural reaction
10:53 pm
when he saw the touchdown. take another look. he gets hit hard and watch, he's going to put his hands up and the index fingers extended and that started the new phenomenon of griffinning. there it is. so people now are sending in these photos. there's one as he was griffinning it. this is a student at baylor university where rg3 went to school. he's doing the same thing. somebody griffinning at work. >> is that someone in our office? >> and scott benson sent us this photo of his three-year- old son griffinning at a very young age. all you have to do is get the fingers up and lean back a little bit. brian, can you do it? he's going to pass. >> he's going to pass. >> can you believe that? >> i have never tebowed either. >> i'm in for the griffinning. >> it's sweeping the nation. >> more reasons to griffin.
10:54 pm
>> hope we won't be griffinning in st. louis. >> that's pretty good, isn't it? i'll be in st. louis, by the way. >> enjoy it. >> thank you. >> you did it. that qualifies as griffinning. >> very good stuff. >> all right. coming up, the x-factor is about to kick off. we'll talk to the new judges about the live auditions and how they are getting along with each other because they have been spending so much time together. >> find out why your ipad could be keeping you from getting a good night's sleep. the news edge is next.
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it looks like randy jackson will be a judge on the next season of american idol afterall. jackson is close to signing a deal despite producers trying to make him a mentor instead of
10:58 pm
a judge. enrique was going to fill the spot, but negotiations fell apart. idol auditions start in less than two weeks. the second season of the x- factor begins tomorrow with two new judges. britney spears joins the team. adam caught up with l.a. reid to talk about this year's talent pool. >> at fox's fall season kickoff party, x-factor judges, l.a. reid weren't ready to pick their favorites to win season two. >> i'll have to see, honestly. i'll have to see. the talent was good last year. this year it was very different. i'll have to see how it progresses, if i can tell you it's better. i can't tell you right now that it's better. >> she was a little nervous when she first sat down at the judge's table alongside reid,
10:59 pm
show creator, simon cowell and fellow newcomer, britney spears. >> my first question i was like, i stuttered and didn't know what to say and it was super uncomfortable. i was nervous, but i had brittany there who was also, it was her first time being on a judge's panel and we had each other, so it was pretty cool. ♪ [ music ] >> already having a string of hits, her latest song, give your heart a break, is number one on the billboard single chart. >> very, very thankful and i still hear it on the radio. that's so weird. >> and while her job is to find and develop an undiscovered singer or group, demi had to train herself not to vote for hot guys just because of their looks. >> i start to pay more attention to the looks than i have to be careful with that, which is not good and not this competition. so i learned how to train myself like you're really cute, but you suck. >>

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